2018 PRO-DIP™ D1 EAC/International Scout Bowl (ISB) Overview


The 2018 PRO-DIP™ D1 ISB will be played on On December 14th 2018 at 4pm in Myrtle Beach SC as the opening event for the 2018 FAF International Scouting Showcase.




2017 PRO-DIP™ D1 EAC/International Scout Bowl (ISB) Game Film

ISB History 

Euro-American Challenge (EAC)

Providing more opportunity for young men to advance from high school to college was achieved by the Collegiate Development Football League (CDFL) in 2009.

For the collegiate player striving to gain opportunity to advance to the pros, the CDFL partnered with FreeAgentFootball.com (FAF) in 2012 to create the Euro-American Challenge or "EAC".


The EAC was born from the realization that there was simply not enough professional opportunity to accommodate the amount of highly talented, unsigned free agents in the world. With American football growing rapidly in Europe from 2000-2012, there was a surplus of players in the USA and worldwide who needed true exposure to showcase themselves on at a professional-grade event to an intercontinental audience.

Knowing this to be the case, the founders of the FAF and the CDFL teamed up with European league owners to create a game that pooled the best collegiate and pro free-agent talent that the U.S. and Europe had to offer. EAC1 was played on September 1st, 2012 in the brand new Warsaw National Stadium in Warsaw Poland. 31,000 fans were in attendance as Team America and TEAM Europe squared off in this historic moment on national television. Polish national hero Lech Walesa performed the ceremonial coin toss and gave a memorable opening speech that set the tone for the rest of the night.

Since 2012, the EAC has expanded from the American/European intercontinental theatre to a truly global market. As professional teams in Canada, the Middle East and Asia began to rapidly increase their recruitment of EAC Players from 2012-2017, FAF saw the need to rebrand event to suit this global. The Euro-American Challenge has expanded to the International Scout Bowl (ISD). 

The ISB is the 1st “International Scout Bowl” ever and the only one of its kind in existence. The game is designed to promote international players to international markets. The selection process is extremely competitive with a tryout retention rate of only 11%

ISB Player Selection

Due to its international flare, fascinating matchups and high success rate for placing players abroad, this event has become more than just a football game. The ISB is a worldwide sporting event that gets scouted by almost 90% of the pro teams on the planet through in-person scouting, its HD live stream and post production game film, stats and individual scouting reports.

This event is by invite only. The ISB Selection Committtee undergoes a rigorous 18-month long scouting process that concludes around mid-September, about 8 weeks from the event. Players are selected through the compiling and sorting of player data; including by not limited to:

  • Coaches nominations
  • Professional, NCAA and NAIA stat leader boards
  • Peer nominations
  • FreeAgentFootball.com (FAF) Selections data
  • Film review
  • Live scouting

After the culmination of this process, individual invite letters are sent directly to the player and/or head coaches. Only a few invites are sent per position and are filled by a first-registered basis. If a position cannot be filled by one of the first three invites sent, then the Selections Committee moves down its list and will send another couple invites until the position is filled. 

After approximately 40 players per-team are registered, they are placed on either  Team America/GOLD or Team Europe/PURPLE, based on their geographical location and/or talent matchups for scouting purposes.

2017 Rosters

ISB Game Format

The ISB is a full-contact, 15-minute quarter football game with modified special teams. It is officiated by Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Officials under a hybrid of U.S. Collegiate and NFL rules. This "All-Star type" format has been perfected from over 10 years of experience in hosting and executing games like this. It has been specifically designed to spotlight talent, promote key matchups and maximize the exposure of its players.

ISB Coaching

The ISS conducts a rigorous interviewing process that begins twelve months before the event. The founders take this selection very seriously because they understand the impact that coaching has on the quality of the product that is put out on the field. The ISS athletes have worked very hard to be in this Showcase. They're coming to compete at the highest level they can to be honored, acquire quality film and network effectively. They rely on their coaches to put them in the best situation possible to highlight their skills and showcase their abilities to larger audience than they've had in the past.

Basic requirements to coach in the ISS include: 

  • Must have a minimum of five years coaching collegiate football
  • Must have a minimum of three years coaching professional football
  • Must be an active coach in good standing (coached professionally within the past year)
  • Must have a minimum of coaching in two all-star/scout bowl events
  • Must demonstrate the understanding that the ISS is about the PLAYERS