2018 FAF Collegiate Kicking Championships (CKC) Overview

Thursday December 13th, 11:00am

Doug Shaw Memorial Stadium, Myrtle Beach, SC



CKC Player Selection

This event is by invite only. The FAF CKC Selection Committee undergoes a rigorous 18-month long scouting process that concludes around mid-September, about 8 weeks from the event. Players are selected through the compiling and sorting of player data; including by not limited to:

  • Coaches nominations
  • NCAA and NAIA stat leader boards
  • Peer nominations
  • FreeAgentFootball.com (FAF) Selections data
  • Film review
  • Live scouting

After the culmination of this process, individual invite letters are sent directly to the player's head coach. Only a few invites are sent per position and are filled by a first-registered basis. If a position cannot be filled by one of the first three invites sent, then the Selections Committee moves down its list and will send another couple invites until the position is filled. 


CKC Event Structure

The following is the tentative itinerary for the 2018 FAF Collegiate Kicking Championships” (CKC).  It is provided to players, coaches, scouts, fans, and media services for planning purposes. The CKC will be held in Myrtle Beach, S.C. on Thursday 12/13/18, 11:00 am start on field 2 at the Shaw Stadium complex.

This competition consists of two separate events:

1. Place kicking competition
2. Punting competition

A limited number of specialists are invited to participation in this head to head performance based format . The CKC has established an outstanding reputation in showcasing top Collegiate and free agent football players annually in Myrtle Beach.  This opportunity provides a qualifying 1st round guaranteeing a minimum of 6 kicks before advancing to the second round.

Punters = 3 x distance, 2 x coffin corner, 1 x hang time)

PK =  2 kick-off, 1 x lh 25, 1 x rh 30, 1x center 40, 1x over 45 choice)

Both competitions will be scored and charted while crowning the top D-1, FCS, D2, D3, NAIA, kickers and punters from the 2018 season. It provides quality competition with an opportunity to crown a champion and provide exposure to scouts.  Please note that this competition is only open to seniors.


Coaching in the CKC

The FAF Collegiate Kicking Championships conducts a rigorous interviewing process that begins twelve months before the event. The founders take this selection very seriously because they understand the impact that coaching has on the quality of the product that is put out on the field.

The athletes have worked very hard in their collegiate careers to participate in the CKC. They're coming to compete at the highest level they can to be honored, put up good numbers and network effectively. 

Basic requirements to coach in the CKC include: 

  • Must be an active kicking/punting coach/instructor (typically on the D1 or Pro Levels)
  • Must have a minimum of five years coaching/instructing on the collegiate level or above.
  • Must have a minimum of coaching in two collegiate all-star events.
  • Must demonstrate the understanding that the CKC is all about the PLAYERS and sign an Agreement stating such.